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Bozeman Solidarity and COVID-2019

Bozeman COVID-19 Mutual Aid Network Keep Bozeman Healthy As a preventative measure, those at higher risk of serious illness from COVID-19 (the novel coronavirus 2019) should avoid crowds and practice social distancing. See the CDC website for details If you are at higher risk (older adults, immunocompromised) or sick, and require assistance running your errands… Continue reading Bozeman Solidarity and COVID-2019

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Bernie Organizing Workshop

Your friends, family members, coworkers, neighbors, and classmates are looking to you to help make their decisions about who to support for President! Studies show that organizing the people you know, is *the* most effective strategy for increasing turnout in an election. Bring a friend to this fun event! The event will be 3.5 hours… Continue reading Bernie Organizing Workshop

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Organizing 101 Workshop

So you've got a campaign in mind, whether that be for a political candidate, higher wages in the workplace, more bike lanes, etc. but you begin to ask yourself: What's next? How do I build a movement and gain support around the issue I want? How do I implement a plan for action that doesn't… Continue reading Organizing 101 Workshop


Bozeman DSA Endorses Zachary Krumm for City Commission

Bozeman — At its general meeting on Thursday, August 1, the Bozeman organizing committee of Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) endorsed candidate Zachary Krumm for Bozeman City Commission. Bozeman DSA emailed a questionnaire to all three candidates running for City Commission. Zachary Krumm was the sole candidate to respond to the questionnaire, and his responses… Continue reading Bozeman DSA Endorses Zachary Krumm for City Commission


Bozeman City Commissioner Questionnaire

At its general meeting on Thursday, August 1, Bozeman DSA will hold a vote to decide whether to endorse a candidate for Bozeman City Commission, and which candidate to endorse. The following information is provided to assist our members in deciding how to vote.