Event Guidelines

These guidelines document the procedure for proposing and completing a one-time or short series event commissioned by Bozeman DSA. For ongoing events, please refer to the “What is a Working Group?” document.

Event Proposal

All dues-paid DSA members in good standing who have attended at least two Bozeman DSA events in the last 6-month period are eligible to propose a Bozeman DSA-commissioned event. To propose an event, members must submit a proposal that includes the following information:

  1. Proposed name of event
  2. Proposed location (can be vague, e.g. “Public park” or “Rented theater”)
  3. Proposed date or range of dates
  4. A detailed description
  5. Identification of the proposed audience
    • Who is the event trying to reach – e.g. “DSA members”, “republican voters”, “people living in poverty”
  6. Explanation of strategic objective(s)
    • How will this event advance the strategic goals of Bozeman DSA? How does it fit into the 2020 priority of Empowering Community?
  7. A list of expected resources needed from Bozeman DSA
    • Include things like food, volunteers, materials, promotion, venue expenses, etc.

Proposals will be brought to the membership for a simple majority vote at the next general meeting after submission. Exceptions will only be made for urgent proposals (for instance, a resource drive for a disaster), and proposals will be sent for an online vote.

If a proposal passes in the general membership, it will be assigned to a steering committee member or appropriate working group liaison, who will work with the member to provide additional support.

Things to Consider Before Submitting an Event

Some of the questions to think about before you submit an event proposal include:

  • Is this an event or a working group? If your event could be ongoing work or a bigger project, consider finding another member and forming a working group instead
  • How does this event advance the strategic goals of DSA? Does the event “organize organizers”? Does it empower others? Does it build our movement?
  • Are there people who can help? Whatever you want to do, there’s probably someone who has done pieces of it before. Make sure to consider things like time commitment, financial resources, and space, and don’t hesitate to ask other organizers for their suggestions and help

 To join DSA: https://act.dsausa.org/donate/membership/

Questions about events? Contact bozemandsa@gmail.com