Officer Roles & Responsibilities

Steering Committee:

Two Co-Chairs

  • Serve as chief officers of Bozeman DSA

  • Determine agendas for general membership and steering committee meetings
  • Preside over general membership meetings as specified in Robert’s Rules of Order
  • Ensure that resolutions of the officers and general membership are executed

  • Liaison with the press and public interest and act as official public spokespersons of Bozeman DSA


  • Ensure that detailed minutes of all general membership and steering committee meetings are kept and distributed to members in a timely manner

  • Act as custodian of all Bozeman DSA records, including membership lists


  • Maintain all funds and financial records of Bozeman DSA

  • Prepare budgets and financial reports as needed

Social Media Director

  • Maintain the online presence of Bozeman DSA including social media and the Bozeman DSA website

  • Curate and moderate public content relevant to Bozeman DSA, coordinating with the Chair and Vice-Chair as necessary

Community Outreach Officer

  • Plan and coordinate community engagement events including public outreach

  • Serve as liaison for new members to Bozeman DSA

Other Offices:

Harassment & Grievance Officer

Working Group Coordinators