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Bozeman Solidarity and COVID-2019

Bozeman COVID-19 Mutual Aid Network

Keep Bozeman Healthy

  • As a preventative measure, those at higher risk of serious illness from COVID-19 (the novel coronavirus 2019) should avoid crowds and practice social distancing.
  • See the CDC website for details
  • If you are at higher risk (older adults, immunocompromised) or sick, and require assistance running your errands (grocery shopping, etc.), you can get matched with a volunteer by filling out this form.
  • If you do not have access to the Internet, text or call: 406-414-7302
  • A volunteer will run your errand for you and drop off the items at a time and place of your choosing so you can avoid crowds and potential exposure.
  • To volunteer, fill out this form.

More Bozeman Resources

Now is the Time for Solidarity

As socialists, we reject austerity, privatization, racism, and xenophobia. Instead, we — the Democratic Socialists of America — stand with the working class, poor, and marginalized of our society and demand a working-class solution to this crisis.

Read more from the DSA National Statement on COVID-2019

Bernie Sanders Adddresses the Nation on the Health and Economic Crisis


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