Bozeman DSA Endorses Zachary Krumm for City Commission

Bozeman — At its general meeting on Thursday, August 1, the Bozeman organizing committee of Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) endorsed candidate Zachary Krumm for Bozeman City Commission.

Bozeman DSA emailed a questionnaire to all three candidates running for City Commission. Zachary Krumm was the sole candidate to respond to the questionnaire, and his responses are now available on the Bozeman DSA website. The other two candidates, Michael Wallner and Mark Egge, declined to respond to the questionnaire.

Krumm, a 4th generation working-class Montanan, identified the three top priorities of his campaign as 1) Housing as a fundamental right, more-than-affordable for all; 2) Eco-socialism: reimagining our city as part of a complex ecosystem that needs to be nurtured, where all living things can thrive well into the future, even in the face of climate change; and 3) Building local and statewide coalitions to make our city and state the leader in each of the above.

“At the root of our socialism is a commitment to democracy,” said Bozeman DSA co-chair Julia Thiebes. “We work toward reforms that will weaken the power of corporations and increase the power of working people. Zachary Krumm’s responses to our questionnaire were exemplary. In particular, his positions against corporate handouts, supporting organized labor, and recognizing gender identity and transgender rights are in strong alignment with our values as an organization. We envision a society in which people have a voice in the decisions that affect our lives. Democratic socialism is a vision of a society that is more free, democratic, and humane.”

Bozeman DSA’s questionnaire is wide-ranging and covers topics including economic justice and workers’ rights; energy, infrastructure, and the environment; equality under the law and social justice; housing and social services; childcare and education; democratic justice and power-building; and government accountability and fiscal policy.

Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is the largest socialist organization in the United States. Bozeman DSA members are building progressive momentum for Montana, in coalition with other local groups for social change, while establishing an openly democratic socialist presence in our community. Bozeman DSA can be found online at and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Bozeman DSA endorses Zachary Krumm for City Commission
Bozeman Democratic Socialists of America endorses Zachary Krumm for City Commission

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