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Organizing 101 Workshop

organizing 101 bozeman

So you’ve got a campaign in mind, whether that be for a political candidate, higher wages in the workplace, more bike lanes, etc. but you begin to ask yourself: What’s next? How do I build a movement and gain support around the issue I want? How do I implement a plan for action that doesn’t waste all of my time and energy?

We are proud to welcome back Mark Anderlik, a union organizer with more than 40 years of community organizing experience.

The three-hour workshop will be designed to help introduce foundational organizing skills and to help build upon the organizer toolbox needed to answer these questions, gain support and WIN! The format will be broken into three different sections:

  • Creating a Strategic Plan
  • Conducting 1 on 1 Conversation
  • 1 on 1 Role Playing

Snacks and childcare will be provided.

Please register through our Facebook event or by emailing us at

Saturday, Sep 14
1:30 – 4:30 p.m.
Bozeman Public Library

RSVP and invite your friends at our FB event page — click here!

Download posters or handbills, print at home and distribute to your friends and/or your comrades in the workplace:

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